STYLeeK & Co. Shopping Mall

STYLeeK & Co. Shopping Mall

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STYLeeK & Co. Online Shopping Mall

Welcome to our online shopping mall.

We are building an online shopping mall with a store for everyone in your life even your pets. 

 STYLeeK US (Down for maintenance)

STYLeeK Us Have Style Be Sleek Dress with STYLeeK.  A clothing store for him and her. Having an assortment of clothes, shoes, belts, and a whole lot more. Everything you need to dress for the day or a night out.

SweetP-N-Me Get what mommy and baby need. This is a store for expecting and new moms, and for the new baby in her life. 

At the toy deck, we have fun for kids of all ages. Come shop around and see what we have to keep your little or big one busy.

Paw Pins Us is small but growing. I had the best grandpa possible, paw-paw Penn, Clay Penn couldn't have asked for more. We will be adding products and lowering prices very soon.

Mcarc Welding Supply Corner has the things a welder needs such as welding shields, steel toes, portable welders, and much more. My husband has been a welder for 40 years these things are very expensive. We are trying to give you the lowest price possible to help ease these high costs.

STYLeeK HoMe TReNDZ has affordable, stylish decor and furnishings for inside and outside your home. Keep your house styled with the newest STYLeeK home trends.

Martech 11 is the beginning of our electronics store. At the moment we have more innovative smart technology such as cameras in clocks, in light bulbs, in sunglasses, etc. We have different smart locks among other items. Visit our I spy shop there's lots of cool stuff.